Ladyship Meaning and How to get a Ladyship Title

Ladyship Definition

What is the ladyship meaning? is the question most often asked. Ladyship can be defined as a polite way of referring to or talking to a woman or girl who has the rank of a peer or knight without using her title.

'Lord' is defined by Collins English Dictionary as 'a man who has a high rank in the nobility' and possesses land, property and power. The definition of 'Lady' indicates that the title is appropriate for noblewomen and evokes dignity and grace.

ladyship meaning and ladyship title history

History Of The Ladyship Title

The Ladyship title originates from Old English where the female equivalent words of lord, earls and other royal titles didn't exist. So, the term “Lady” was almost used as a placeholder name for many of these titles for the women.

Lady is the appropriate title for a woman who holds the rank of Marchioness, Countess, Viscountess or Baroness. It can also be used as a courtesy title for the daughters of Dukes, Marquises and Earls. The title has another use, too. When a man receives a knighthood in recognition of his remarkable achievements, he becomes a Sir and his wife then would become a Lady.

A Ladyship Title is Special

Lord and Lady titles in the U.K. are connected to peerage. This elite group of individuals is composed of those with one or more of the following titles: Duke/Duchess, Marquis/Marchioness, Earl/Countess, Viscount/Viscountess or Baron/Baroness. The Ladyship certificate and Lordship certificate are special because they lie outside the hierarchy of the peerage, which places Dukes and Duchesses (who are often members of the Royal Family) at the top and Barons and Baronesses being the lowest rank.

Lordship Title certificates and a Ladyship Title, both of England, suggest wealth, privilege, refinement, history, tradition and authority – they never fail to impress! 

How to Get Ladyship?

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Ladyship Titles Last Forever and Make The Perfect Gift

Do you have a person in your life that is difficult to buy for? Why not give them the gift of a Ladyship title pack? Buying a Ladyship Title is one that is framed and worthy of showing off. It is also forever, no one can take it away from that lucky Lady that has a Ladyship title. 

Often the Lord or Lady Title will give a boost in confidence to the titled. Why not feel special with such a prestigious title? With a Ladyship Title comes the added responsibility to act like a true ‘Lady’. One relates the Ladyship title with honor, regality, trustworthiness, and increased social status. One should use the Lordship and Ladyship Title responsibly. Treat others well. Be fair in business. Don’t be rude or pompous. The perfect Lady protects her Lady Title by encompassing all that the Ladyship Title implies. Enjoy it!

Synonyms for Ladyship

  • worship
  • excellency 
  • grace 
  • honor 
  • lordship 
  • majesty 
  • reverence 
  • royalty 
  • sire 

Fun Ways the Ladyship Title Has Been Used In Print

If your ladyship doesn't really know, you had better ask Sir Rupert; he'll tell you it's all right.


"Perhaps your ladyship can persuade Lady Hartledon to exert herself," suggested the bland doctor.


Sir Alexander intimated that her ladyship might try it; graciously observing that it would do no harm.


Everybody in the house despised her; her ladyship insulted her; the very kitchen gals scorned and flouted her.


How to Buy Ladyship?

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