Prince Harry’s Royal Rift

It’s been three years since Harry moved to California, leaving the Royal life behind in England where he once lived all of his life as a Prince.  Now Harry seems to be content to live with his wife Meghan Markle and their two children. The family seems to have separated themselves almost completely from royal life, becoming financially independent, while embracing their own career paths. 

His Only Sibling is a ‘Loved Brother and Arched Nemesis’

To anyone looking at their brotherly relationship, Harry, 38, and Prince Harry brother William, 40, always seemed quite close, after the death of their mother Princess Diana when Harry and William were young, they seemed to have an even closer bond as they were brought together by grief and tragedy.

During an interview on Good Morning America with Michael Strahan, Harry reveals that behind closed doors there was a different side to their relationship. In his book ‘Spare’, Harry speaks of his brother William as his "beloved brother and arch nemesis" and recalls verbal fights and even physical altercations between the two siblings.

In one fight William pushes Harry who falls on a dog dish. William also managed to break Harry’s necklace in the squabble.

"There has always been this competition between us weirdly," Harry reflected during the interview. "Again, I think it really plays into, or is played, by the heir/spare." Harry refers to his place as a ‘Spare’ in the Royal family and how that affected the dynamic in his relationships within the family.

Harry had said he thought William was jealous of his ‘spare’ status and envied his freedom and ability to choose his own life path.

Prince Harry's Family Feud in the Press

In his book ‘Spare,’ Harry writes of members of the royal institution handing volatile stories to the press and then after release, the same individuals that were feeding the press, would fail to set the record straight on false reports, specifically about his wife Meghan. This failure shifted the blame frequently on Meghan in order to protect other family members in the Royal family.

Harry recalls at one time a story was created falsely against his wife that she made William's wife Kate cry in the time leading up to the Sussexes' 2018 wedding. In Prince Harry's book "Spare," it is written that it was in truth Kate who upset Meghan and later she had confirmed this by offering an apology.

“The media played the Waleses, which Kate and William are now, against the Sussexes, which would be me and my wife. They always played us against each other," Harry said. "They loved to play Kate and Meghan against each other." 

Harry in the interview sheds light on his intentions of remedying the relations with his brother.  He stated, “I hope that we will be joined at the hip again," he said. "Because, as you know,  if there's something that will terrify the British press more than anything, it's William and I being aligned once more."

The New King, Charles’ Response to Harry ’s New Book

As of the release of this article, King Charles has not read Spare. He's is currently not in communication with Harry as Harry spoke about on the TV show 60 Minutes. Buckingham Palace has yet to respond to anything at all contained in Harry's memoir. 

charles response to harry

King Charles is said to be quite and angry and distraught at the embarrassing and damaging stories about him in Harry’s book. It has been said that Charles feels Harry has put him in an awkward position with his wife Camilla.

The King feels that Harry really crossed the link and is beside himself; so much so that King Charles does not know where to start in the way of addressing the scandal.

It is said that the new King has hopes that in time when things settle down that he and Harry relationship will soften a bit. King Charles has said that “he’s not going to push or apologize.”

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