What does a Lord of England Do? Interesting Facts

a lord of house of lords

What is the House of Lords:

House of Lords Defined: The House of Lords is the 2nd House of the British Parliament. The House of Lords works in the House of Commons to do specific tasks such as:

* Offering formal advice in all things related to Government
* Challenge any actions that seem to not be in the best interest of England
* Develop and form Laws

Individuals/Lords of the House of Lords have busy schedules. A Lord spends roughly 60% of his time in law; The remaining 40% are involved in research, and questioning government policies, and deciding on whether to move forward with the formation of laws.

The work of the committee takes place outside the chamber. The members of the house of Lords are also called peers. Most of them are life peers and 92 hereditary peers

The House of Lords is a Crucial Part of Government in the United Kingdom

The House of Lords is one of two parts of the United Kingdom Parliament. The party that wins the most seats in the general election will then make up the Government.

The U.K. Government runs the country and is derived from the political party that acquires the most seats in the House of Commons in the election. The Government then forms policy and introduces laws in Parliament.

In the House of Commons, there are the most senior members of Parliament, however, there are ministers, along with two Cabinet members, in the House of Lords.

The House of Lords also has members that served in other facets of the Government and then moved over to serve on the House of Lords.

What does the House of Lords do?

Every day when at work, the Lords will engage the Government Ministers in the upper Chamber to get information on the status of certain laws and/or policies.

They talk freely with other members of the Chamber to resolve any outstanding issues and agree to move forward on any pending legislation that had not been previously settled.

A debate may ensue, however, this is standard in deciding on major policies. There may be some members that are not in agreement with others which prolongs deciding on major policy, this is the same in any branch of government regardless of the country. A lord do it after becoming part of the house.

When does the House of Lords Meet?

In the UK House of Lords, there is no real allocation of time/Government time as there is in the Commons. Business is decided by agreement among the party business managers or whips and the Convener of the Crossbenches.

The House can vote together to work for longer hours than the usual working hours which are typically 10 pm Mondays-Wednesdays; 7 pm on Thursdays; and 5 pm on sitting Fridays, if the members are at a crossroads in deciding on a certain policy or issue.


Is there prayer in the House of Lords?

At the beginning of each working day in the Lord's Chamber, one of the bishops says a prayer. It is thought that having a pure heart and soul, and being closer to God, enables all the Lords to act in the best interest of the country and be his most productive during each session.


Can the Public Attend House of Lord’s Debates

It is standard for the House of Lords to be transparent in the way they debate and hold sessions. The public is always invited to the public gallery. This is a thrill for most onlookers as they feel involved in the law making process of their beloved country. Lords debate in front of the audience, once a lord said I was glad when they said let us go into the house of the lord


The Power of the House of Lords

The House of Lords is not as powerful as its partner in the Westminster parliamentary Government. Unlike the House of Commons, it is not allowed to get oust the government from office. Also the House of Lords cannot Veto laws. The House can delay the formation of the Law but may not Veto it.

The 1911 Law made the House of Lords LESS powerful and authoritative in the Government. In its day, this was considered a very significant reform in the House of Lords.

The House of Lords before 1911 had more power than the House of Commons, including the authority to Veto bills. Labour government introduced a new law in 1968 and tried to reform the house which results in the removal of 92 hereditary peers.

How to Become a Lord in the House of Lords:

You can apply to become a Lord in the House of Lords after becoming a Lord legally in the United Kingdom. There are other options available to you to get a lordship title. On www.lordshiptitles.com you can purchase a lordship certificate. The collection includes the gold embossed lordship title certificate, the digital lordship certificate, and you can purchase both a digital and mailed certificate. A woman can also become a lady with a purchased ladyship certificate.