What is Lordship and How Do I Buy a Lordship Title?

Lordship is an official attribute given to a person who holds the position of Lord. The holder of Lordship is also known as an “Laird” or “Lord” in common speech, while another common term for this rank is “owner or occupant of land”. It is not must that you should be a owner of a land to become a Lord or to get the status of Lordship. 

It is a new era for every one in the world. You can turn your dream to reality. Anyone can buy a lordship certificate (gold embossed) to become royalty. Buying a Lordship wasn’t always this easy. 

In the United Kingdom, it is legal to designate the Lordship Title or Ladyship Title to use with your name.

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Lordship synonyms:

  • Excellency
  • Honor
  • Majesty
  • Royalty
  • Grace
  • Sire

What is a  Lordship Title

Legally in the United Kingdom, to become part of the nobility, you must be born into it, marry into it or inherit it. However, you can purchase Lordship titles from England that are not associated with purchased land. This would be a title of nobility but not peerage (or royalty title). It would also allow you to petition for a coat of arms. 

what is a lordship title

Can Anyone Buy a Lordship Title of England?

Buying a Lordship Title in the United Kingdom or anywhere in the world can take time and can be costly. If it is associated with a parcel of land, it can be too expensive for most anyone.

If you want to buy a title that comes with dedicated land, you will likely pay a huge sum at auction or end up with property the size of a postage stamp. Hardly worth the time or money by anyone’s standards. But, there is a better way to gain a Lord Title.

You could purchase a Lord or Lady title instead on lordshiptitles.com. Using a service like Lordship Titles allows residents of any country to receive an official title without going through the arduous, expensive process of buying a ridiculously small, useless piece of land. 

The Lordship Title pack is the perfect gift and it lasts a lifetime. It doesn’t have to just be a Lordship gift for your loved one - get a couple’s pack and become a Lord or Lady yourself too!

The Lordship Title is perfect for raising your relationships to new levels of status, to ‘lord’ it over your friends and family. Who wouldn’t like to be referred to as ‘Lord’ or ‘Lady’?  The title denotes an uncommon regality, an air of royalty. A Lordship Title can certainly go to one’s head quickly. Often a Lord is given VIP treatment.

A Lordship Title may allow you to skip lines, get the best tables at restaurants, give upgrades when flying or staying at hotels, and get one invited to the most smashing events for free. How can one be expected to contain excitement when given a Lordship Title? A Lordship Title can impress upon others honesty and integrity. Could this be helpful in business dealings as well as in social circles?

Of course! Lordship Titles are of fun and exciting but also hold a level of seriousness and respectability as well. One can expect someone who holds a Lord Title to be a man of integrity. When purchasing a Lordship Title one should keep in mind what the title implies.

Can you be an honorable Lord?  Also, if you were to give a Lordship Title as a gift, can the gifted person hold up to the high standards of the Lordship Title. Take some time to ponder this as the Lordship Title lasts forever!

Is a Purchased Lordship Title Legit?

Yes, your Title will be legally yours and last all your life. The professional and legal service Lordship Titles provides is possible by using a legally recognized "Deed" (written in English).

Under International and English Law: "You have the right to call yourself, and be known as anything you like" provided there is no fraudulent intention in the process of any such changes to a person's identity.

In addition, before offering the title service the whole process was scrutinized by lawyers specializing in English Common Law relating to names and Titles as well as related aspects of Land Law.

Please remember, we have consulted an official Government agency in all Title matters.

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