Case Study - LordshipTitles

lord and lady Scilese


Lord and Lady Scilese

The Lord and Lady featured are fictional, but everything else is based on real experiences enjoyed by clients. We know our aristocratic-style seated titles can be life-enhancing because so many of our new Lords and Ladies write us to tell us about their experiences!

Naturally, we can’t promise that your lives will change in the same ways described in this case study. But it should give you a clear idea of what can happen when you become a Lord and Lady with our Lordship title or Ladyship Title package.

Lord and Lady Scilese Feel Like VIPs

Lord and Lady Scilese of Vermont have felt like VIPs from the moment they contacted Lordship Titles to order their personalized, official seated titles – the service provided is absolutely first class. The couple was looking for an unusual, unique way to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. What can be more exciting or original than to gift yourself or another the permanent Lord title or Lady title of England?

The process of legally changing their titles to Lord and Lady is always optional, most new Lords and Ladies do not go this far, however, the Scileses' decided to go for it. And changed their names OFFICIALLY to Lord and Lady Scilese.

Showing off the Certificate of Lord and Lady with Pride

Tickled pink is the best way to describe how the couple felt when they received their beautifully presented title package in the mail. The Lord and Lady of England Certificate of Titles with official gold seals now have a permanent place of viewing in the couple’s home office.

Every time they walk by, or show off the title, they get a sense of pride. The titles are also quite the conversation piece with guests.

Adding Lord and Lady Titles to Official Documents

The couple was delighted to add Lord and Lady of England to their driving licenses, bank and credit cards, checkbooks, car insurance policy and other official documents.

Lord and Lady Scliese are buying personalized car number plates to reflect their new lifestyle. They can afford them, as they saved a significant sum on their latest car. The showroom reduced the price when the couple mentioned their decorative titles.

Enjoying Preferential Treatment

Since they buy a Lordship certificate and Ladyship certificate for show purposes, the Scileses have received superior customer service. They find people treat them with more respect.

When Lord and Lady Scilese dine out, they’re often given the best table.

‘Making a reservation at a restaurant or hotel, or taking a flight as a Lord and Lady of England can make a big difference,’ Lord Scilese points out.

The couple has enjoyed complimentary hotel stays and free flight upgrades from budget to business class.

‘When vacationing abroad recently, we were treated like royalty!’ reported Lady Scilese.

A Confidence Boost in Their Professional Lives

Adopting aristocratic-style titles has enhanced the couple’s careers. As a Lord and Lady, they’ve been invited to corporate events and parties attended by the nobility and politicians.

Similarly, Lord and Lady Scilese have been met with an enthusiastic response from their peers when updating their details at the clubs and societies they’re involved with.

Decorative Titles – A Great Investment

‘Buying Lord and Lady titles has proved to be a great investment. It’s one of the best decisions we’ve made,’ concludes Lord Scilese.

One of the couple’s friends is returning to the US after several years in England. Lord and Lady Scilese intend to present her with her own Lady of England seated title. They’re sure she’ll love this quintessentially English gift and that it’ll be a big hit with her family in the States.

They’d recommend decorative titles to others too – becoming a Lord and Lady for show purposes can open doors, help you realize your potential, and get more out of life.

Your Very Own Royalty Lord and Lady Titles

While our decorative Lord and Lady of Dartmouth titles aren’t the same as joining the aristocracy, they’re still a fantastic, legal way to upgrade your title and potentially change your life.

Why not learn more about our Lordship Title pack, then order yours today


** Lord and Lady Titles from Royalty Titles are for entertainment purposes only