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Buy a Lordship or Ladyship Title and get Recognized Internationally

Lord and Lady titles associated with England are immensely appealing. With our Lordship title or Ladyship Title package, you can legally become a Lord and Lady of England for show purposes. England is famous for their elite society – here the streets are lined with listed buildings, princes train to be naval officers, the affluent sail luxury yachts, and stylish restaurants and chic boutiques are plentiflul.

English Lady or Lord title are recognized all over the world. When you buy a Lordship title or a Lady title, it will suggest wealth, privilege, refinement, history, tradition and authority – which can't fail to impress! 'Lord' is defined by Collins English Dictionary as 'a man who has a high rank in the nobility' and possesses land, property and power (the phrase 'Lord of the Manor' springs to mind). The definition of 'Lady' indicates that the title is appropriate for noblewomen and evokes dignity and grace.

Lord and Lady titles in England are connected to the peerage. This elite group is composed of individuals with one or more of the following titles: Duke/Duchess, Marquis/Marchioness, Earl/Countess, Viscount/Viscountess or Baron/Baroness.

The titles of Lord and Lady are sought after because they lie outside the hierarchy of the peerage, which places Dukes and Duchesses (who are often members of the Royal Family) at the top and Barons and Baronesses on the lowest rung of the ladder (though that's still a very nice place to be!).

Lords and Ladies are Peers and Descendants of Noble Families

Lord is regarded as a suitable form of address for Marquises, Earls, Viscounts and Barons. In addition, the younger son of a Duke or Marquis is called a Lord; when used in this way, the appellation is a courtesy title intended to show that the bearer is from a noble family.

Lady is an appropriate title for a woman who holds the rank of Marchioness, Countess, Viscountess or Baroness. It can also be used as a courtesy title for the daughters of Dukes, Marquises and Earls (you may remember that the offspring of the Earl of Grantham in Downton Abbey are called Lady Mary, Lady Edith and Lady Sybil Crawley). The title has another use, too. When a man receives a knighthood in recognition of his extraordinary achievements, he becomes a Sir and his wife a Lady. Lordship ct. 

Legally Buy Your Own English Lord and Lady Titles

Since 2018, we've been enabling clients to buy Lord and Lady titles in England for show purposes. While this isn't the same as joining the nobility, our Lordship certificate and ladyship certificate Seated package lets you become a Lord and Lady of England. Buy a ladyship or lordship with lordship titles.

You don't need to live in the UK to enjoy this service, and you can use your new, aristocratic-style titles on official documents.

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