Lordship Title Pack

Here at Lordship titles, you will find exclusive lordship title pack which includes a gold-sealed certificate, digital certificate, and digital and mailed certificate, not only for Lords but also for our ladies as ladyship certificates.

Why Become A Lord Or Lady Of England?

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Our elite Lord and Lady community is now thousands strong. We don’t like to boast here at Royalty Titles, however, it has been rumored that our Lords and Ladies have used their title successfully to:
  • Get airline and hotel upgrades
  • Get preferential treatment at restaurants and shows
  • Get VIP/celebrity treatment
  • Get a feeling of new found respect

Once I Purchase, What Will I Get?

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certificate of lordship

Once you purchase lordship certificate for yourself or someone else, we get right to work on your behalf. Within 24 hours you will have your Lord title or Lady title emailed to you, sent by mail, or both, depending on what option you have chosen at checkout.
If you choose to have your title mailed, you will find it will arrive on ultra-rare, European, A4, parchment paper used exclusively by Royalty Titles. Your title will be official, gold sealed, and indeed, will be frame-worthy! Also, as proof of title, your title will allow the title holder to FOREVER be a Lord or Lady. 

Who Can Benefit From This Specialty Service?

Who wouldn’t want to INSTANTLY boost their social status with a Lord or Lady title? You can FOREVER call yourself a Lord or Lady with our service and reap the benefits; or grant someone you love the unique, life-long gift of a Lord or Lady title.

Why not both? You can become a Lord or Lady yourself, and ALSO bring your friends and family along with you for the royal ride! We would love to have you and your loved ones join our exclusive, royal community.

Shouldn’t an instant boost in social status, VIP treatment, and the respect of others cost a small fortune? Indeed it should! But here at Royalty Titles we will send you a Lord or Lady certificate by email for only $29.99, by mail for only $49.99, and both for only $59.99. Please purchase your title(s) before we come to our senses!

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By joining the royal ranks, you may find that your title has indeed changed your life. It will also give you the opportunity to apply for the house of the lord

We cannot guarantee you will receive special treatment or privileges but take a peek at what some of our royal title holders have experienced below

Our client (Samuel) scored some much coveted tickets to a sold out concert in LA. Using his ‘Lord’ Title, he reported, opened the door for him in a way he had only dreamed of.

Marcy could hardly believe it when her ‘Lady’ Title got her an upgrade to first class when flying back from Tokyo. I have never flown first class in my life, Marcy stated, I was treated like royalty. I was even asked to take a picture with 2 of the stewardesses. What fun!

A couple who received their Ladyship and Lordship Title were upgraded from their standard room to an exceptional suite when they checked into a hotel in Brussels for their vacation. When they entered their suite they were quite excited to find free passes to a show for that evening on the bed.

This Exclusive Service We Provide Here At Royalty Titles Is A Recognized Title Or Deed

Under International and English Law: You have the right to call yourself, and be known as anything you like provided there’s no fraudulent intention in the process of any such changes to a person’s identity.

It means that once the title holder has received the official documentation, you are then forever considered a Lord or Lady. We ask that you do not abuse this privilege, and use it wisely.

You Are Minutes Away From Being Granted A Royal Title

Royalty Titles makes the process from becoming ordinary to becoming EXTRAORDINARY quite simple.

VIP lifestyle is waiting for YOU! Royalty Titles only releases a limited number of certificates per month. We have been known to occasionally have a waiting list. We are currently accepting orders for this and next month. We encourage you to purchase your title(s) while we have the supply.
NOTE: Titles are in stock for this month and next. After this time, we may have to limit access due to strong demand.
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